Find out everything about your holidays in Halkidiki on our travel guide! Halkidiki (or Chalkidiki) is the most popular holiday destination in northern Greece. Halkidiki has long been famed for its cosmopolitan seaside resorts, beautiful natural landscape, and exotic beaches. Halkidiki is a peninsula, which is divided into three smaller peninsulas, the so-called legs. The first leg is named Kassandra and is full of popular tourist resorts, luxurious Halkidiki hotels, and organized beaches. The second leg is named Sithonia and is less organized and full of secluded coves. The third leg is named Athos and is a close monastic community, where the entrance is allowed only to men with special permission. So, no matter what type of traveler might be, Halkidiki got you covered! If you are in a mood of a little tour or excursion, your best bet is to hop on a boat from Ouranoupolis and tour around Mount Athos, a picturesque region with amazing beaches and impressive Byzantine monasteries. As for tourist facilities, Chalkidiki covers all the bases! Trust us, Halkidiki has the magical ability to please everyone! Besides, all the locals agree unanimously that “There’s nothing like Halkidiki”. The beaches in Halkidiki Greece are famous for their soft sand, crystal water, and lush surroundings. Most popular Halkidiki beaches are found in Kassandra peninsula, including Sani, Kallithea, Paleochori and Hanioti. The second peninsula, Sithonia, is not that tourist developed and has many hidden coves to relax. Halkidiki beaches on the second peninsula are popular for camping. You will find below a list of the best beaches in Halkidiki Greece. Except for the beaches, there are also many places for sightseeing.
  • Kavourotrypes beach
  • Armenistis beach
  • Kalamitsi beach
  • Sani beach
  • Kalithea beach
  • Vourvourou beach
  • Possidi beach
  • Platanitsi beach
  • Banieres beach
  • Siviri beach
  • Gerakini beach
  • Nea Flogita beach
  • Agia Varvara beach
  • Agios Georgios beach
  • Kastri beach (small)
  • Agios Ioannis beach
  • Akti Aretes beach
  • Kovio beach
  • Kriopigi beach
  • Lagomandra beach
  • Lagonisi beach
  • Linaria beach
  • Menti beach
  • Paradisos beach
  • Perigiali beach
  • Platania beach
  • Sithon beach
  • Spathies beach
  • Trani Ammouda beach
  • Tratokerma beach
  • Tripotamos beach
  • Tristinika beach
  • Tristinikouda beach
  • Varkes beach
  • Zografou beach
  • Sarti beach
  • Trikorfo beach

Halkidiki is one of the most famous tourist resorts in Greece located in Macedonia. The region forms three impressive capes (Kassandra, Sithonia, and Mount Athos) which give Halkidiki its characteristic shape (known as the three legs of Halkidiki). The incomparable beauty of Halkidiki counts on endless beaches, crystalline waters, green mountains and rich forests which characterize the whole region and attract thousands of visitors around the world.

The monastic community of Mount Athos concentrates the greatest number of visitors every year, as well as the archaeological monuments and the beautiful coastal areas of Halkidiki. The world-famous facilities offered are ideal for a unique and relaxing vacation. The region consists of both cosmopolitan resorts and traditional settlements which are highly preferred during the summer season in Halkidiki. In addition, it is close to the area of Thessaloniki and other regions of Macedonia.

Neos Marmaras

Located in the central part of West Sithonia, the Neos Marmaras resort features a great proximity to the rest of the peninsula. The circle road passing by the settlement connects the resort with all the beaches and places of interest. Lagomandra and Kalogria beaches, which are among several most beautiful, are a short drive away. Furthermore, Mount Itamos, a beautiful mountain with various trails, is also nearby.Marmaras, or Neos Marmaras, is a developed beach resort on the western coasts of Sithonia Peninsula. Constructed along the slopes of a hill, it has a small port where fishing boats and yachts moor, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Sithonia doesn’t lack first-class beaches, and some of them are near Neos Marmaras. Paradiso beach is next to the settlement, while Spathies, Elia, Lagomandra and Kalogria are somewhat farther. You will find water sports opportunities around. Lagomandra Beach and the upscale Porto Carras resort are main focal points for these activities.

Mountain biking, hiking and bird-watching are some alternatives you can enjoy on Mount Itamos. By reaching its peak, admire views of Halkidiki and the Aegean Sea. Finally, join a boat tour toward Mount Athos or other parts of the region from the marina, Also, you can do private fishing tours.

The first inhabitants of Neos Marmaras arrived as refugees in 1924 from their home country ‘’Marmaras island’’ located in the ‘’Marmaras Sea’’ or ‘’Propontis’’. Since 1960 the inhabitants of the village ‘’Parthenon’’ gradually abandoned their village and joined the people of Neos Marmaras

Neos Marmaras


Afitos or Athitos is a traditional village in Kassandra Halkidiki which is located 83 km away from Thessaloniki. It has an amazing view of Toroneos gulf as the village is built on a hill above the coast. Most houses are built of stone with an excellent architecture. Small squares, cobbled streets and traditional taverns create a beautiful scenery totally harmonized with the natural landscape. Visitors also have the opportunity to admire the unique architecture of the church of St. Demetrius which was built in 1859 and it is located in the central square and also mansions and the famous sculptures of Vassilis Pavlis. In the village center you will find the folklore museum which houses various art exhibitions such as tools and utensils used in the past by local residents.

The village has a long history as there is evidence of settlements from 3000 BC. Afitos, which was known as Afitios, is flourished as a member of the Athenian Alliance. In 348 BC it was destroyed by King Phillip II and was reoccupied later. During the Roman Period it experienced a second major development probably due to the monument of Ammon Zeus.

During the summer months Afitos is “flooded” by tourists. Restaurants with many awards, traditional tavernas, café and bars are waiting to offer to you unforgettable moments during your stay in Halkidiki. The sandy beach of Afitos is long and it has several beach bars which can offer sunbeds. Inside the sea there are a few places in where there are stones and the water deepens abruptly. Afitos is just 3km away from cosmopolitan Kallithea with its lively nightlife and it is a good choice for your stay as in a short distance are located the beaches of Sani and Nea Fokaia. In Afitos there are luxury hotels and low budget rooms in order to peek the best for you during your holidays in Halkidiki. We would suggest Afitis Boutique Hotel which is located near the sea.

Afitos Gallery

Nea Phokea 40°07'59.7"N 23°23'55.5"E

Nea Fokaia is a seaside village at the beginning of Kassandra peninsula and is 80 km away from Thessaloniki, During the summer, it has high tourist traffic as tourists are visiting for long time vacations and weekend trips since Nea Fokea is very close to Thessaloniki. It has clean beaches, restaurants, and taverns with fresh fish. Nea Fokea is located near Sani, a tourist resort which you definitely have to visit during your stay in the area.This is a picturesque fishing villahe surrounded by much greenery. The region has beautiful and calm beaches. Nea Fokea was founded by refugees from Mikra Asia after the disaster, and the surrounding area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Nowadays, Nea Fokea counts 1,700 inhabitants who are mainly engaged in tourism and fishing. In the village, there is a police station and a community clinic.

Nea Phokea

Porto Koufo 39°58'16.9"N 23°55'03.0"E

Porto Koufo is a small and quiet fishing village which smells like fresh fish. It is located 25 km away from Neos Marmaras and to get there, you’ll pass through an idyllic route full of beautiful pine trees. Porto Koufo is the safest and largest (in depth) natural harbor in Greece and is where almost all fishing boats in the region unload their catch. Porto Koufo also has beautiful taverns where you will eat the freshest fish in Halkidiki.

The beach of Porto Koufo, which is located diametrically opposite the harbor, will offer you relaxation and tranquility away from tourists. In the village, there are apartments and hotels for your stay.Porto Koufo is the southernmost spot in Sithonia. An area of great natural beauty and amazing beaches, Porto Koufo has a large port that gets very popular in summer. Porto Koufo was described by ancient civilizations as the “Deaf Harbor.” They believed that everyone in the bay of Porto Koufo could not hear any noise from the sea. This should be one of the top choices on the lists for your holiday vacations. The view of the harbor from the top is breathtaking. Huge rocks rise above a bay, which looks like a lake since the small opening to the sea is almost invisible. Along the coast there are caves and in some of them you can enter by boat. A very impressive place is Kartalia, the southern cape of Sithonia

Porto Koufo Gallery

Ormos Panagias 40°14'04.5"N 23°43'41.4"E

Ormos Panagia is a small village located 43 km away from Polygyros. It’s situated in the north-eastern part of Sithonia in Halkidiki in a magical landscape. It has a small port with fishing boats and is very popular infor tourists during the summer. Excursion boats start here and make trips to the eastern part of Sithonia and Aghion Oros. Here, you can rent a boat to visit the islands right across Vourvourou.This is a picturesque fishing villahe surrounded by much greenery. The region has beautiful and calm beaches.The village is within a short distance of Agios Nikolaos where the Health Center of Sithonia is located. There, you will find the beautiful Vourvourou which you should visit. Trani Ammouda Beach, the beach of the village, is called by locals “Copacabana of Greece,” due to its length and its exotic landscape. It is the port of St. Nicholas, and from here every day tourist boats begin to sail across the peninsula and short visits to Ouranoupoli or Ammouliani. There are rooms and restaurants with fresh fish to ensure a memorable stay. A short distance from Ormos Panagia is the sandy beach Trani Ammouda with crystal clear waters.

Ormos Panagias Gallery

Nikiti - Agios Nikitas 40°13'12.2"N 23°40'06.3"E

Nikiti is divided into 2 areas: the original village ‘Old-Nikiti’ in the inland and the new touristic area Nikiti on the seaside in 2km distance. Also settlement Elia, located 11km souwards, belongs to the municipality of Nikiti. All year around about 3 000 inhabitants are living in this area. During summer the population rises up to about 20 000 people. Benefited on its geographical location, the environment around Nikiti contains wide sandy beaches in the south as well as vast pine landscapes & olive groves in the north.

One of the major annual events is the swimming marathons, in which the participants have to cross the Toroneos bay in competition. The contest starts in the village Kallithea on the western peninsula Kassandra and ends after a distance of 24km in Nikiti, Sithonia.Nikiti is a lovely tourist resort, among the busiest in Sithonia Peninsula. The fish taverns and the gorgeous beaches in the area attract many visitors.

Nikiti as a holiday-destination was first discovered in the late 50s by the people from Thessaloniki. Tourists from western European Countries followed later on. Since the 80s Nikiti is touristic established and the area shifted its commercial focus on it.This small town has many natural beauties and a long coastlines. During the summer, it is flushed out by Greek and foreign tourists who either reside in the city or visit to swim in the beautiful beach and have fun in the shops. In the 13th century most areas in Sithonia belonged to the administrative region of Mount Athos, maintained by various monasteries. The area around Nikiti fell under the jurisdiction of the monastery Xenophon. A settlement Neakitou was mentioned first time in the 14th century. In lack of written records, all historic information of this place base on oral tradition only. 1918 the village was officially recognized as a community. In reference to the former designation Neakitou the village was registered under the name Nikita and changed again 1988 into its present version Nikiti.

Agios Nikitas village Halkidiki: The village of Agios Nikitas is located in the peninsula of Sithonia, 70 km south west of Poligiros. It is a picturesque, traditional village that combines a rich historical past and a pretty landscape. Built amphitheatrically along the slopes of a green hill, this village offers lovely views to the Aegean Sea.

The traditional architecture demands stone houses and red-tiled roofs. In a small distance from Agios Nikitas, there are some lovely coves to swim and relax. Few accommodations can be found there, as the village remains calm and unspoilt.This is a small village with traditional style. It is constructed on the slopes of a green hill and reaches the beach.

Nikiti - Agios Nikitas Gallery

Nea Skioni 39°56'48.5"N 23°31'51.6"E

Nea Skioni is a coastal tourist village spread along the sandy coast in the southern part of Kassandra in Halkidiki. It has a harbor for boats and an authentic traditional Greek touch. It also supplies the whole area with fresh fish. Nea Skioni is only a few kilometers away from the hot springs of Aghia Paraskevi and is a point of attraction for tourists. A seaside tourist resort on the southern part of Kassandra, Nea Skioni has a picturesque fishing port and amazing sandy beaches.A local origin tradition is the annual Sardine festival which takes place in August. In addition to fresh fish, local wine the visitor has the chance to get in touch with a lot of folklore and music events on the beach. The festival lasts for 3 days and offers plenty of entertainment for locals and visitors.

Nea Skioni was re-founded in the year 1918, close to the location of the ancient Skioni by residents which left their mountain-village ‘Tsaprani to settle down near the coast. Tsaprani finally was abandoned completely in the late thirties. At the time Nea Skioni was found in the area, only few fisherman-huts defined the characteristic landscape. The name of the village was inspired by the ancient city Skioni, the oldest known colony in Halkidiki, which was located in close area.

Most of the sidewalks and streets of Nea Skioni was constructed primal in the middle of the 20th century.All year long Nea Skioni provides the visitor with a wonderful view of mountains, sea and the port with a good chance to see Dolphins which frequently are close to this shore. The beach of Nea Skioni was awarded with the ‘blue flag’, a promising indicator for clean sand and clear water.

Nea Skioni Gallery

Nea Potidea 40°11'35.1"N 23°19'48.9"E

Nea Potidea is a large village located at the start of the first peninsula of Halkidiki, Kassandra. Before the village, there is a thin strip of land which features the canal of Potidea to serve ships that come and go to Toroneos Gulf to fish. The canal is the main attraction of Potidea as it impressively joins Toroneos and the Thermaikos Gulfs. Both the western and the eastern side of Potidea are facing the sea. The organized beach bars and cafes are located on the eastern side facing the second peninsula of Halkidiki, Sithonia. On the western cliffs to the Toroneos Gulf, there is a small harbor where fishers tie up their boats and unload their catches. Here lies one of the most famous fish taverns of Halkidiki, Marina.Constructed right after the bridge that connects Kassandra peninsula to the mainland, Nea Potidea is small village with beautiful beaches. Across the sandy beach of Potidea, which is approximately 2 km long, there are cafes, restaurants, beach bars, and clubs. The pedestrian area above the beach is full of life during the summer months and Potidea turns into a cosmopolitan place where tourists, families, young people, and couples choose to live unforgettable moments and enjoy the sun and the sea.

Potidea is the entrance of Kassandra peninsula and during the ancient times was called “Doors of Kassandra.” Here is being preserved the fortification wall of Justinian which protected the ancient Potidea and Kassandra from attacks. Nea Potidea was built by refugees from Platanos and Eastern Thrace after 1920, and they brought the image of St. George. The village has a kindergarten, school, and several churches, with the most notable being the church of St. George.

Nea Potidea Gallery


Besides that Ouranoupoli means in Greek, the city of the heaven, the city who drives you up to heaven… Its visitors are welcomed by the Tower of Andronikos, the “alert protector” of the city for centuries, built in 1344 by the monastery Vatopediou as a protection from the pirates. In front of the tower lies the port, the gate of Mount Athos, where either the ferry boats travel to the monasteries or cruise around the peninsula at a distance of 500m from the beach.

In Ouranoupoli the visitors apart from the hospitality and the friendly spirit of the residents, have the unique chance to savor fresh fish caught in the Mount Athos Golf in traditional fish taverns, to relax in pleasant cafes or bars drinking cocktails on the beach watching the sunset. Ouranoupolis is a small town at the edge of the third peninsula of Halkidiki, mostly famous as the port town from where the ferry to Mount Athos departs.In the region of Ouranoupoli, one kilometre east of the village, and during the work of private property levelling, a Roman grave was revealed. It was found in low elevation in a place called “kokkinohorafo”, near the street that leads to the abbey of Zigou near the border of Mount Athos.At a small distance, further north, there is a water bridge and a post byzantine water gallery, as well as various other manufactures relative with the water feeder of the region. In 1959 further uphill, in a graphic place called “Kokkinara”, on private property, Manolis Andronikos a very important archaeologist discovered relics and remains of an important hellenistic building and also of ancient objects, such as earthen oil lamps, coins and lead items. The research was most probably on a rather small scale so it was not promoted.

The first discovery although not impressive, adds a new topographic element to the undiscovered region. This grave is a constructed square-shaped grave orientated parallel to the seashore. A thin layer of stone was on top of it. Similar layers of stone have been found within the region proving the existance of an ancient organized cemetery.

The walls of the grave are built off-handedly with stones and conjunctive matter of yellowish clay, while the natural soil constitutes its flooring. The dead, in supine position, was placed directly in the natural red soil.

The only belongings of the dead were a coin placed on his thorax, and an earthen oil lamp next his left leg. Chronologically this grave dates back to the third quarter of the 3rd century A.C.


Megali Ammos – Ammouliani

Its whitish sand, crystal-clear waters and sculpted rock formations make this beach heaven on earth.

Alikes – Ammouliani

The most beautiful, famous, most photographed beach of Ammouliani and of the entire Mount Athos Area!

Drenia – Ammouliani

A sandy organised beach on the namesake islet in the “tail” of Ammouliani.

Arsanas beach

Just at the borders of Mount Athos, where the old naval station of the Chromitsa Monastery separates the Holy Community from the rest of the region, lies the beach of Arsanas, famous for its white pebbles and an amazing view of Athos.

Ouranoupolis Gallery

Nea Moudania

The town of Nea Moudania is located 60 km south of Thessaloniki, in a natural bay with breathtaking view over the Aegean Sea and Mount Olympus. The largest city of Halkidiki, is the financial and commercial center of the county. Built in 1922 by refugees from Asia Minor. Today, the city can accommodate anyone with bank branches, supermarkets, shops, the post office and pharmacies. A variety of restaurants, taverns, cafes and bars are available to entertain the visitor. In the town operates one of the largest fish markets in Greece. On the beach, you can enjoy a coffee or fresh fish.

From the highest point of the city, the hill of Panagia Koryfini, where the basilica church is, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city and the peninsula of Kassandra. The 2 km long beach, is perfect for families and children as the water is shallow, and one can enjoy their swim.One of the most popular resorts in Halkidiki, Nea Moudania gets pretty popular in summer. Its long sandy beach and the fresh fish taverns attract many visitors.

Nea Moudania is the second largest city of Halkidiki, after Poligiros. It is located at the start of the Peninsula of Kassandra and is 54 km from Thessaloniki. It has 9,500 inhabitants whose primary occupations are tourism and fishing. This is because the fishing area of Moudania is among the largest in the Mediterranean. Also in Nea Moudania, there is a department of Aquaculture of the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki.On the beach of Nea Moudania, there are beach bars, water sports, facilities, taverns, and restaurants where you can taste the freshest fish. Afterward, you can visit the bars and cafes for the afternoon and nightclubs for your entertainment. Spend an afternoon for a walk on the hill of Panagia Korifini, where a beautiful church is built in an idyllic landscape. Also in Nea Moudania, you will find the largest shopping center in Halkidiki, with shops of all kinds, post office, banks, health centers, clinics and vet clinics. You can also go on excursions to the islands of Sporades, Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos.

The beach hosts a Yacht Club where you can learn to sail. Annually in Nea Moudania there are organized beach volleyball competitions and others sports in the sand. There are fishing competitions as well.

Nea Moudania Gallery


In the Sithonia peninsula, on the eastern side, there is a cluster of beaches, known as Kavourotrypes. These are small coves, hidden behind a beautiful pine forest, with small white washed beaches with crystal clear turquoise water, white rocks and pine trees that reach the sea. This landscape of exotic beauty and the view of the imposing Mount Athos create an earthly paradise. So if the beaches of Halkidiki were competing with each other, Kavourotripes would probably win first prize.

Previously, Kavourotrypes was little known, only to locals or those who explored every inch of Halkidiki in the summer. It was indeed like a common secret, a magical shelter known only by a few. That’s why in the main road there was never a sign that marks the path for these beaches. Today, of course Kavourotripes is known by a lot of people visiting the area, especially during the peak summer season. However, the place is still beautiful, the lack of tourism infrastructure and organization is among the positive aspects, human interventions don’t exist, only some artistic ones on some rocks, the waters resemble a pool, and a visit is a must. And at times that there are no visitors, you can have an entire cove to yourself!Different in geology and more rocky than the other beaches of Halkidiki, Kavourotrypes are located close to the beach resort of Armenistis.

Kavourotrypes Gallery

Fourka 40°00'19.4"N 23°24'51.4"E

Fourka is located 105km south-western of Thessaloniki on the Kassandra-peninsula. Fourka is divided into two areas: the touristic-related coastal area ‘Skala Fourkas’ ‘(also known as ‘Fourka Beach’) and the traditional village Fourka located in 2km distance in the mountains.
The road to Fourka leads over an elevated plateau and welcomes the visitor by a stunning landscape panorama over the coastal village.The appearance of the center of Fourka Beach is defined by a well-kept spacious square encircled by seafood restaurants, taverns, cafes and bars in immediate distance to the coast.Due to its western location on the peninsula, Fourka offers the visitor the possibility to enjoy beautiful sunsets over a panoramic coast.

Conterminous to the center is the wide beach. Several beach bars are located on the wide, sandy beach-area and various events are taking place during summer.

On 16.th July the local cultural association organizes its annual festival of ‘Agia Marina’ as one of the most important events on the peninsula of Kassandra.The beaches of the area are awarded with the ‘blue flag’

The recent growth of the coastal area Fourka Beach is significantly contributed to the rapid increase of tourism during the recent years.Fourka is a village on the western side of the peninsula of Kassandra and is located 87 km away from the Macedonia Airport of Thessaloniki. Skala Fourkas attracts the interest of visitors. It is located at the beach and is about 2 km long. During the summer months, Fourka is full of life as there are many holiday private homes, villas, hotels, and apartments for your stay.This is a lovely seaside village in a region of lush greenery. It gets pretty popular in summer with tourists who come to enjoy the sandy beaches and the fresh fish.

Fourka Gallery

Hanioti 40°00'02.2"N 23°34'29.7"E

Hanioti is another popular resort area of the Kassandra peninsula, whose name is a synonym for both a peaceful vacation and nightly entertainment. Located between Polichrono and Pefkohori, Hanioti combines rich tourist infrastructure and beautiful nature, which makes it a place any traveler will be satisfied with.

Hanioti is a picturesque settlement, underneath the hills abounding with conifer trees and a long beach, which makes it one of the most beautiful resort areas of Kassandra. The beach features both pebble and sand, with nicely manicured park next to it. Active people can enjoy various water sports in the turquoise waters. Mediterranean flora is ever present in and around Hanioti.

You can find all types of accommodation in Hanioti, both hotels and private apartments. A good drop and a nice meal can be enjoyed in its numerous modern bars and traditional taverns, while dance clubs are in charge of the entertainment for all ages. The center of Hanioti abounds with various stores, among which boutiques and souvenir shops are prevalent. Although Hanioti isn’t as small as it might appear, you’ll surely enjoy the walk along its streets or the beach.

Other assets Hanioti can offer to its visitors are outstandingly hospitable hosts, which are very forthcoming and warm people. Its name, Hanioti (Chanioti) owns to the migrants from Hania (Crete) who settled the area in the past. Hanioti is situated in the first peninsula of Halkidiki in Kassandra and is about 101 km away from Thessaloniki. It is a picturesque tourist resort with pedestrian streets with great beaches and many green parks where you and your children can play and enjoy moments of peace and tranquility. In the area of Hanioti, the accommodation options vary. You can find cheap apartments, small hotels, great hotel complexes, luxury estate and villas which can satisfy even the most demanding visitor. Hanioti is a cosmopolitan resort on the southern side of Kassandra Halkidiki. The long promenades, the green parks and the immense sandy beach attract many visitors.

During the summer the center of Hanioti the streets become a sidewalk and host many shops, bars, cafes, taverns and restaurants. One afternoon or evening, a walk in the center of Hanioti will impress you. It is one of the busiest regions of Halkidiki and it is ideal for family vacations, though there are a lot of bars and clubs where you can party all night. Hanioti is also a short distance from Kallithea, the famous nightlife village in Halkidiki.

Hanioti Gallery


One of the most beautiful villages of Halkidiki, next to the sea with a beautiful long beach that stretches for 6 km. A large village, surrounded by pine forest and situated at the end of the Kassandra Peninsula. The sandy beach with crystal clear waters, attracts every year many tourists. Along the beach there is a pedestrian street with plenty of taverns, restaurants and bars. A plethora of modern hotels with high standards and excellent service and a large number of rooms and apartments will make your stay more enjoyable.

Every day from the harbor daily cruises depart with boats and dolphins, destined to Sithonia and Mount Athos. If you prefet, you can walk in the pine forest from which the village got its name and look at century old pine trees and olive trees.This is a long beach with white sand and exotic water. It is located on the southernmost spot of Sithonia and it gets pretty popular in summer.80 km south east of Poligiros

Pefkohori Gallery

Kalithea 40°04'29.7"N 23°26'53.7"E

During the summer, Kallithea is the most popular village in Halkidiki. It is located in the first peninsula of Halkidiki, Kassandra. Kallithea is 85 km away from Thessaloniki and it is the most cosmopolitan place in Halkidiki. If you cross the center of the village you can visit the beaches of Kallithea and other villages of Eastern Kassandra such as Pefkohori, Hanioti, Polichrono, Kriopigi and Paliouri, or some parts of Western Kassandrasuch as Fourka, Posidi and Agia Paraskevi. The center of Kallithea is the crossroad that leads to these two directions. Afitos is nearby, so you can go there for an afternoon walk there.

Kalithea Gallery

Vourvourou-Thalassokipos-Diaporos 40°11'07.6"N 23°47'54.5"E

Vourvourou is a tourist resort which is located in the northeastern part of Sithonia in Halkidiki and is 103 km from the Macedonia Airport in Thessaloniki. It is a settlement with several cottages and accommodations, harmonized with the unique beauty of the region which is flanked by lands with pine trees and exotic beaches with blue-green water. It is a destination that you should definitely visit during your holidays in Halkidiki. The settlement is developed along the beach, opposite from a cluster of nine islands, with the biggest of them called Diaporo. It has magnificent beaches. All beaches in the area are unique, with sandy coasts and calm water. The most famous of these are Karidi Beach with pine trees that almost reach the waves of the sea, the beach Livari and beach of Mpara.You can reach Diaporo island on a boat that you can rent from Vourvourou. There, you will find a natural bay with shallow crystal clear water. You can also make small boat trips to the rest of the islands which hide unique paradises. Also in Diaporos island, you will see the ruins of the church of St. Andrew which are dated back to pre-Byzantine times.

Vourvourou Gallery

Nea Roda 40°22'51.4"N 23°55'25.6"E

Nea Roda is a coastal settlement built at the beginning of the third peninsula of Halkidiki. It’s located at the narrowest point of the peninsula and the sea hits the land on both sides. Nea Roda is known from history since here Xerxes in 480 BC opened a canal in order to pass the fleet and at the same time to avoid sailing arround Athos, as the last time he tried to do so his fleet was sunk.Nea Roda is a quiet picturesque village, with elegant houses, flower gardens and pristine beaches with golden sand. In the harbor tie fishing boats, excursion boats and yachts which are sailing daily arround Athos. Nearby there is the ancient town of Ouranoupolis. In the coastal zone from Tripiti to Mount Athos bay there are large hotel complexes. Regarding the “Canal of Xerxes”, the canal today is buried and has been identified between the villages of Nea Roda and Tripiti. In 2008 researches which took place by British and Greek engineers show the exact location and its dimensions. The canal has a length of two kilometers and a width of 30 meters and the maximum depth is estimated at 15 meters. it is visible from a great height, since the place has suffered from subsidence. The archaeological investigations have shown that immediately after its use by Xerxes the canal was abandoned over the years was banked “.

Nea Roda Gallery

Sani 40°05'35.6"N 23°18'41.4"E

However, Sani with its wide multi-faced landscapes has much more to offer than fancy hotel-resorts.

Located close to the beach of Gerani are the impressive ruins and grave-sites of an ancient settlement specialized in the production of sea salt. A trip to this coastal area means an impressive beach-cliff-panorama spiced with experienced archeology.
Not far from these attractions are extensive wetlands, swamps, lakes and forested landscapes in which more than 50 percent of all native bird species in Greece are indigenous.

Large parts of this natural paradise are protected in their preservation by the organization ‘Natura 2000’.A detailed description of all interesting places of this diverse environment is beyond the scope as one fascinating landscape-impression follows another.Even the routes to the nature reserves are paved with hidden biotopes, vineyards, old churches in places of former, historic villages, an abandoned prison, lush forests, green hills and wide coastlines.

Today Sani is famous for being an exclusive holiday destination.Due to its favorable location this stunning natural resort attracts thousands of national- and international visitors every year.Searching for a destination with secure anchorage Sani also can offer a large marina open all around the year.

On this luxurious private harbor you can find small vessels next to magnificent yachts in front of an impressive promenade with an attractive architecture.
The arcaded, imposing Piazza of the marina easily can compare on high international standards. Despite its elegance the flair of this place wins over with a calm, uncomplicated harmony.

High quality restaurants offer Mediterranean and international cuisine. Greek tavern, Ouzeries, cafes, shops, bookstores, art-galleries and an open-air-cinema are present without dominating the place and can satisfy all expectations of more ambitious visitors.
The historical attraction is the impressive Sani-Tower (‘St. Georg-Tower’ or ‘Σταυρονικήτα’ – ‘Stavronikita-tower,). Constructed in 1543 it’s the landmark of this region.

Until the 14th century, Sani was still in ecclesiastical function of Athos. There are plenty of old churches built in this period and still can be admired local.

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Kriopigi 40°02'10.4"N 23°28'24.2"E

Kriopigi village is just a spot for a family vacation and for enjoying amazing views from the vantage point towards the Gulf of Kassandra. If you crave for entertainment or shopping during the vacation, you can visit Kallithea, which is nearby.

Kriopigi is amphitheatrically built on the slopes of the hill, with a pebble beach at its base, which was awarded with two blue flags for quality and purity of its waters. The village is quite interesting from the architectural point of view, and you can find a couple of traditional taverns around the main village square, where you can taste Ouzo – a traditional beverage with sweet aroma. You can also visit souvenir shops with folk art products and several pubs. In its restaurants, you can enjoy delicious Greek specialties, and it’s even possible to have English snacks in some bars. In addition, don’t miss the opportunity to taste a real Greek coffee while in Kriopigi. Traditional products with exceptional quality from this region can be found in Kriopigi, with olives, olive oil, various fruits and honey as most famous.

The resort area during summer, Kriopigi is also frequented by educators and pedagogues from all the meridians, which gather throughout the year in the “Educational Research and Service Training Center”. One of many advantages which make Kriopigi as a winning destination for spending vacations is a good climate surrounded by an environment of green mountains and blue flag awarded beach-areas with promising very clear water. The village sustains an educational research and skill enhancement-center. This institution is a meeting point of pedagogues from around the world and organizational center of many seminars and conferences. The paths to the beach as well as the entire environment are surrounded by pine forests and invites to an exploration trip. Visitors in Kriopigi have the opportunity to acquire a large variety of natural products, manufactured and available in the area. It is hardly recommended to visit the idyllic village-square as well as to make a walk to the natural-source, which gave the name of this village.

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Kalamitsi 39°59'26.9"N 23°59'27.3"E

Kalamitsi is one of Sithonia’s smallest villages, but it’s got a large heart. At Sithonia’s southern tip the water is crystal clear and being wide open to the Aegean makes it a great spot for water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling. alamitsi is truly a place to escape from the world. Everything to do in Kalamitsi centers around its three pristine beaches. Similar in nature they are still very different. All three are about the same size, have the same perfect sand and are ideal for swimming. The best way to describe their differences is like the three colors on a traffic light – green, yellow and red.

Sithonia is where people come to blend with nature and Kalamitsi’s wild environment is just the perfect place to do it. For years tourists have come to Kalamitsi to liberate themselves from the traditional hotel and opt for an Eco-vacation in the form of camping. What can be more appealing than walking out the door of your beachfront caravan to take a midnight swim as the light of the moon dances on the gentle waves with the mighty Mount Athos as a backdrop.hose who are more independent take advantage of the free beach area. They throw down a towel in the sand and perhaps bring their own cooler box with all necessities to help put them into beach bliss. Kalamitsi is very calm… we guarantee your first days here will be spent right here on the beach.

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Stratonio 40°30'50.6"N 23°49'32.4"E

Stratoni is a seaside village built in the innards of the bay of Ierissos , with more than 1,200 inhabitants (according to the 2011 census). Its establishment as a settlement dates back to the late 19th century and is directly related to mining.in the area. The rich deposits of mixed sulfide ores, known since antiquity and Byzantine times, were the main source of wealth for the village. Since then, people from the surrounding areas, and from other parts of Greece, have started gathering in Stratoni to work in the mines. The population increased significantly due to the refugees who took refuge here after the Asia Minor catastrophe. In 1932 the village suffered extensive damage from the earthquake that focused on the Gulf of Ierissos. In the years that followed, it was almost completely rebuilt.

The area has been inhabited since ancient times and the mining activity in Stratoni and the surrounding villages dates back to about 600 BC. Excavations in 1962 showed that Stratoni was built on the site of ancient Stratoniki. Ptolemy Claudius also mentions this city, but places it – erroneously – in the Gulf of Siggot.

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A modern single tourist resort of Thessaloniki, with the 17 km wonderful sandy beach and the green Kerdylia Ori alternating harmoniously. Hundreds of thousands of visitors choose the area of ​​Asprovalta – Vrasna every year, 1st: for its well-organized beach and the crystal clear waters of Strymonikos Bay, 2nd: for the wonderful hiking, cycling and equestrian routes in nature and the historical 3 – archeological : for fun. With sunbeds and umbrellas offered free of charge, access to the beach and the sea of ​​disabled people (disabled), lifeguard coverage, pedestrian safety and the guarantee of the European institution “Blue Flags” which for many years awards all our beaches, we are an ideal destination for your family vacation. With unique hiking, cycling, equestrian routes in the traditional village of Vrasna, in the Monastery of Agios Georgios, in Lake Volvi and in the Macedonian Tempi, with the zoo and the farm to be visited, with the thermal baths of Voltira, with the Ancient Rastina Katagera and we are an ideal destination for lovers of alternative tourism. With the maximum entertainment, with the infinite ouzo bars, taverns, cafes, beach bar, club and the parties that are organized, we are an ideal destination for the youth. Come and meet Asprovalta and Vrasna and we are sure that we will win you over !!! with Ancient Stageira and Rentina Castle, we are an ideal destination for lovers of alternative tourism. With the maximum entertainment, with the infinite ouzo bars, taverns, cafes, beach bar, club and the parties that are organized, we are an ideal destination for the youth. Come and meet Asprovalta and Vrasna and we are sure that we will win you over !!! with Ancient Stageira and Rentina Castle, we are an ideal destination for lovers of alternative tourism. With the maximum entertainment, with the infinite ouzo bars, taverns, cafes, beach bar, club and the parties that are organized, we are an ideal destination for the youth. Come and meet Asprovalta and Vrasna and we are sure that we will win you over !!!

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