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Ionian Sea Help

Ionian Sea Help

Safety First

Safety first is the slogan that adorns the deck of majority of ships around the world. With this slogan in mind, the mission of ISH network for help at sea is to permanently promote safety at sea in terms of nautical tourism, and our goal is to keep IONIAN SEA as safe destination as possible.

Advices and necessary steps for achieving safety at sea Safety is mostly a matter of prevention! Assuming that we have all the necessary knowledge and skills let us count all the esesential preparatory work to ensure ourselves a safe navigation.

The network consists of a group of professionals and sea enthusiasts working professionally and safely under a strict code of conduct with the primary aim to act as a partner to mariners and seafarers offering peace of mind whilst at sea.

Specially equipped watercrafts, 24/7 service and trained staff are what makes IONIAN SEA HELP a reliable partner. Whenever you need any kind of advice, assistance or logistics IONIAN SEA HELP should be your number one.

Before leaving the safe port you must:

  • Thouroghly examine the weather forecast
  • Become familiar with the specifics of the planned navigation route
  • Prepare corridors for safe movement on the deck and in boat interior
  • Prepare for emergency procedures
  • Adjust your VHF to channel 16, prepare the numbers of SAR and ISH call center
  • Check and test your safety equipment

Recommendation: use lightweight self-inflating belt – because of its practic design it can be worn during the whole navigation

  • The ship is safe how safe is his crew!
  • Handheld flares
  • Signal rocket with parascute
  • The buoyant smoke signals
  • Life jackets (for children and adults – we reccomend inflatable)
  • Lifebuoys with automatic light
  • Life raft (poster with instructions for use)
  • Thermal protective suits
  • The assets against loss of body heat (hypothermia)

fire extinguisher

Ionian Sea HelpSafety at sea is definitely the first thing you must bear in mind before starting your navigation. It’s a known fact that sea can be disarmingly attractive in one moment and already in other it can change its deceptive nature and turn into the biggest nightmare you have ever experienced. Anyone who has miles in his “travelling shoes” has probably felt it on his own skin. Safety is therefore crucial, and the knowledge, skills and safety equipment mandatory part of every voyage.

Once you check-marked all these tips you are ready to sail out, remains only a question to whom and when to place a call in case you need help or assistance.

Important: when calling for help you should know that civil services such as SAR center, police, maritime authorities and 112 centar send their vessels to your position only if lifes of the crew members are threatened, while services such as I-S-H provide help in cases of rescue assets ( engine failure, rope in the propeller, towing, transfers, advices on weather forecast and navigational area etc.)

How to place a call for help?

Sometimes you just cannot solve the problem on your own? You need help of another boat and a pair of hands more? All afore mentioned advices will help you prepare for safe navigation but in case you should need help we suggest you to call IONIAN SEA HELP  network for numerous reasons, such as the fast arrival to your position, effective assistance and priority of intervening for EmergenSea members.

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24/7 IONIAN SEA HELP Call procedures

I-S-H is not a search and rescue, coast guard or any other life saving entity. The services are based on commercial assistance and logistics at sea. ISH reserves the right to divert your service request to local authorities responsible for such interventions

Corfu Greece 49100
IONIAN SEA HELP Call Centre Number: +30 6977 708 888
European Number for Emergency 112
Emergency VHF Channel 16

ISH call centre will need information of your location as accurately as possible (your position please read from the GPS, or from navigation maps), and explanation of the type of problem you are calling for: Sinking, Fire, Flooding, Grounding or stranding, Collision, Disability for sailing (engine failure, rudder, list, running out of fuel …), Loss of vessels, Medical intervention (emergency transportation, evacuation, medical advice etc…), Windsurfers and divers in distress …or any other type of accidents at sea. ISH will divert your call to SAR or any other competent authority if necessary. Until the arrival of any of these services, we highly recommend to act under the ISH call center or operator advise. In case you have chosen to call the ISH network, you will get an ETA of arrival the ISH vessel. On arrival of the ISH vessel try to draw their attention that you will easily recognize.

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