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Business Charter Contract for Recreational Boats

General contract conditions and payment management between:
FREEDOM YACHTING co in the commercial register with address EVRAIKA 2 PALAIOS ASYRMATOS POTAMOS 49100 CORFU GREECE with Cif EL064777555 & mail. info@freedom-yachting.com
Mr/Ms , of legal age, with professional address …………………………at , and provided with the NIF number……………………. duly authorized to act on their behalf and representation, and with email address …………………………………… (hereinafter, the “BOAT OWNER”).

Let’s start.

  • That the BOAT OWNER is the owner or has been transferred control to manage the charter vessels that will be registered on the website of FREEDOM YACHTING.
  • That the BOAT OWNER is interested that FREEDOM YACHTING makes bookings for their boats to be rented to third parties (the “end customer”) and manages the payment of said rentals, under the conditions of this contract, having full consent to do so. They may not, in any case, execute the boat rental contract, given that it is the sole responsibility and power of the BOAT OWNER, who will sign the contract with the end customer. The contract between Freedom Yachting and the BOAT OWNER regulates their relationship in relation to all the boats. Therefore, any boat that the BOAT OWNER registers, in any way, to be marketed by FREEDOM YACHTING , will be protected by the regulation of this contract.
  • That the BOAT OWNER states and guarantees that they comply with all the applicable regulations to carry out their activity, in particular the specific activity of recreational boat rentals and the protection of personal data.
  • That FREEDOM YACHTING has the necessary means to provide the services covered by this contract, and states and guarantees that they comply with all the applicable regulations to carry out their activity.
  • That both parties have reached an agreement that FREEDOM YACHTING will provide services to the BOAT OWNER in terms of marketing for boat rental bookings and management of the payment, in accordance with the following:



  • FREEDOM YACHTING will advertise the charter boats previously mentioned, for their rental to third parties (end customer(s)) both through its own website and through any marketing campaigns that may be carried out. The BOAT OWNER gives FREEDOM YACHTING the possibility to use all the photos or videos provided or added to the page to advertise their boats, on the website of (freedom-yachting.com), and in any other way.

To that end, the BOAT OWNER states that all the information (photos, descriptions…) provided to FREEDOM YACHTING about the boats is correct, truthful and accurate. Similarly the BOAT OWNER states that all the information in relation to the costs and extras to be paid by the end customer (cleaning, taxes, moorings, insurance, food costs, etc…) provided to FREEDOM YACHTING , is also correct, truthful and accurate. That set forth shall be deemed stipulations of this contract.

In this sense, the BOAT OWNER requests and authorizes FREEDOM YACHTING to manage everything necessary for marketing the boats for rent, through their booking management system for the end customer, and additionally requests that FREEDOM YACHTING charge the price for the rental (tariffs). Therefore, the boat rental contract will be made exclusively between the end customer and the BOAT OWNER, who assumes all responsibility of it and its correct execution before the end customer. Consequently, on agreement of the rental contract with the end customer, any discrepancy or conflict shall be settled exclusively with the BOAT OWNER, releasing the responsibility fromFREEDOM YACHTING and freeing them from any claim, including any relating to the charge that may have been made to the end customer by reason of this contract. Therefore, any claim of the final customer, including any cancellation, must be dealt with, and if it were the case, fully covered and/or resolved by the BOAT OWNER, who accepts.

  • FREEDOM YACHTING will communicate by email to the BOAT OWNER the booking made by the End Customer, indicating the date and amount of the payment. Once the booking is confirmed by the BOAT OWNER, FREEDOM YACHTING will make the information available so that they can prepare the rental contract with the end customer (the BOAT OWNER is strictly obliged to respect the personal data protection regulations). In any case, FREEDOM YACHTING will still have the right to collect the agreed commission, for the work carried out and it will be that which corresponds as a consequence when applying the percentage agreed later in relation to the tariffs.

Once the above communication has been made, the BOAT OWNER will inform the end customer, as soon as possible and no later than three working days, of the rental contract for their signature and acceptance. Following the signature of this, the corresponding invoice will be sent. In both cases, will be notified (copy), at the same time that it is sent to the end customer.Once all this has been done and the end customer has been charged, FREEDOM YACHTING will pay the BOAT OWNER the corresponding amount, according to the tariffs and payment fees agreed upon, by releasing the amount – in the corresponding number – already charged or retained to the end customer by FREEDOM YACHTING . In the event that the end customer makes partial payments, NAUTAL will proceed to fully deduct the agreed commission, for the service of managing the booking, from the first payment, thus releasing the remaining amount(s) to the BOAT OWNER.

The price that the boat owner will receive for the boat rental will be corresponding to the prices advertised by the BOAT OWNER on the FREEDOM YACHTING website less the agreed commission.

This contract has a duration of one year from its signing, and will be renewed automatically except by written communication made by one of the parties at least one month in advance of its expiration date, and in any case, respecting all the boat rental bookings that have already been make with the intervention of FREEDOM YACHTING .

Either of the parties, if they so decide, have the right to terminate this contract, freely and without penalty, with prior notice of three months. In such case, the other party must be notified, in writing, of the will to terminate the contract, by certified mail to the address specified in this contract, and in all cases, respecting the bookings already made with the intervention of FREEDOM YACHTING .

It will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the BOAT OWNER to pay all the necessary taxes and fees for the performance of their rental activity, as well as comply with all the obligations that the applicable regulations indicated for the performance of their activity at any time, as well as the correct provision of the services and compliance with the rental agreement that the BOAT OWNER signs with the end customer.

  • All costs of mooring, port expenses, maintenance, repairs, boat insurance and any other necessary or advisable expenses to carry out the boat rental will be at the cost of the BOAT OWNER, without prejudice to what can be agreed with the end customer.
  • Any notification or communication that may or must be made in relation with this contract, shall be made in writing and shall be sent to the addresses that are shown at the beginning of this contract.

This contract is regulated by Spanish Law. In the event that a part of it lacks validity or becomes void for any reason, it will not affect the remaining clauses of this contract which will remain valid.

In order to resolve any doubt or divergence that may be raised between the parties regarding the compliance or interpretation of the clauses of this contact, both parties, mutually agree to submit themselves to the Jurisdiction and power of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Athens or corfu , with resignation to their own jurisdiction if it is different.